5 Creative Ways to Recycle Wrapping Paper!

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Go green and get creative this holiday season with all your leftover wrapping paper, or the pieces that survived the unwrapping madness! Here are 5 fun and creative ways to recycle your wrapping paper!

#1- Jewelry: From necklaces to earrings, there are plenty of funky bead making tips to create the ultimate jewelry set! 


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#2- Add Color To Bookshelves or Drawers: Express your style and add color to the back of any boring old book shelf, toy box, drawers and anything else that needs a fabulous backdrop!


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#3- Make Bows: All those wrapped presents need a pretty bow to match! Why not create your own!


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#4- Create Sewing Patterns: If you sew, you know patterns aren’t always cheap. Well here is a great way to make your own!


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#5- Prepare for New Year’s: Get that wadded up, extra, or small pieces of wrapping paper and stick it in your paper shredder for fantastic and colorful confetti for your New Year’s celebrations!


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Okay, now search your little heart out for all sorts of different fun things you can do with all of that wrapping paper you have leftover and show us your DIY Wrapping Paper projects! 🙂

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