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July 2015

Tired sad old woman on nature background

Save Nana!

Save Nana! There’s no population more at risk in this heat wave than the elderly. The elderly tend to be on a fixed income, with no extra money for air conditioning or swamp coolers. Plus, these folks are more likely to be bedridden or to stay at home. Imagine enduring these 100+ temperatures with a fragile body like your sweet…

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ghost town scary

5 Utah Ghost Towns You Simply Must Explore

(Photo credit: Bill Gracey) (Cover photo credit: Allan) 5 Utah Ghost Towns You Simply Must Explore. There’s no better time than summer to fill the gas tank and head out on an impromptu road trip, armed with nothing but a case of diet Pepsi and a box of Capt. Crunch. But where to go? With all this hot weather, it’s time…

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Why I Sat In My Car On A 103 Degree Day

Why I Sat In My Car On A 103 Degree Day. Like every other parent in North America, I’ve been haunted by the story of little Cooper Harris, who died in his car seat when his father left him there in the Georgia heat last summer.  Since then, his father Ross Harris has been charged with murder.  This story is unspeakably…

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5 Summertime Backyard Activities!

Photo Courtesy of: It’s officially Summertime here in Utah, school is out, and kids are restless! There are always things to do, but why not keep it cheap, simple, and in your own backyard! Here are 5 summertime backyard activities for you and your kids! #1- Movie Night! This is such a great way to get everyone together for…

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#BeatLA Ticket Giveaway

Real Salt Lake faces one of its biggest rivals, LA Galaxy, at Rio Tinto Stadium on Tuesday July, 14th at 8 PM! Tuesday’s match marks the quarterfinal of U.S. Soccer’s longest running tournament, the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup. Real Salt Lake is one of only 8 teams still remaining in this year’s tournament. No stranger to this tournament, Real…

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Chefs with spaghetti bolognese

Food Poll: Utah Has Spoken, Names Favorite Pasta

According to Wikipedia, the first reference to pasta was in 1154. Put that in your gluten bowl and eat it. Since then it’s been sold in many packages, colors, wheats, and shapes. It has been made from scratch by daring people who are confident in properly mixing wheat, water, eggs, grains or whatever else they dare as kitchen conquerers. It’s…

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Hunderte von Fans feiern den Auftritt einer Band bei einem Popkonzert

Win Tickets to The Jets with Debbie Gibson

Rewind 100.7 and the Scera Shell are excited to present the Jets with special guest Debbie Gibson at the Scera Shell! Utah’s own The Jets will be on the main stage at the Scera Shell on Monday, July 20th to perform some of their classic 80’s hits with special guest Debbie Gibson. Don’t miss two of the decade’s biggest stars…

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Win Tickets to CVX Live!

Looking for something awesome to do before summer is over? Come to the biggest YouTube party ever, CVX Live, the Creator Viewer Experience, at the UCCU center in Orem on August 7th and 8th. Go to for tickets. At CVX Live you can see some of the biggest YouTube talent in the world together for the first time, including…

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The Ultimate Park City Kimball Arts Festival VIP Experience

Enter to Win the Ultimate Park City Arts Festival VIP Experience. This opportunity Includes (2) VIP Lounge Arts Festival passes, a 2-night stay in Park City, a Wasatch Brew Pub gift certificate, as well as VIP access to parties at OP Rockwell, PC LIVE, and Ciseros. As well as, 2 GOLD PASSES to the Utah Olympic Park. Park City Kimball…

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Women Lose Shirts and Minds at Pizza Place

Women Lose Shirts and Minds at Pizza Place

Why can’t we just eat some pizza and play some Street Fighter II Turbo, maybe hit the happy slide? Even with kids, blinking lights and ball pits around (not to mention pizza) some people can’t help themselves. What they are fighting over is unclear, so you can go ahead and invent your own motive. I suspect if Amazon Prime Day…

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thank you, word drawn on the beach

5 Simple Steps To Cultivating Gratitude

5 Simple Steps To Cultivating Gratitude. I don’t claim to be an exceptionally brilliant study of human nature, but I do know that the unhappiest people I know are the least grateful. Bad things happen to everyone. Everyone. Deserved or not, we’ll all suffer. But the friends I have who practice gratitude are surely the happiest creatures on the planet….

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Pioneer Day July 25th 2011 - full image set on flickr at - Copyright 2011 Rudy van Bree

Pioneer Days Guide to Fun!

Photo Courtesy of: The 24th of July is Utah’s very own holiday celebrating the first Pioneers to enter and settle our great state back in 1847! To continue this celebration, we light up the sky with fireworks and put together TONS of fun events and activities for the whole family! Celebrate this year with these awesome upcoming events! *July 18…

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Chris Evans
at the "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" Los Angeles Premiere, El Capitan, Hollywood, CA 03-13-14

You’ll Never Believe Which Marvel Character Will Be At Comic Con 2015

Earlier today the folks over at announced that Captain America will be in attendance at this year’s Salt Lake City Comic Con. Chris Evans, will be headlining the 3-day event held at the Salt Palace Convention Center on September 26th, 2015. This will be Evans first Comic Con event. He’ll be signing autographs, taking pictures with fans and will…

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water gallon challenge

The Todd & Erin Gallon Of Water Challenge

The Todd & Erin Gallon Of Water Challenge. In our never-ending quest to become instantly thin and beautiful without doing any of that stuff…you know…like…exercising or…like…making an effort, we jumped on the Water Challenge. Simply put, the theory is that if you drink a gallon of water every day, you’ll see noticeable results within a week on your skin and how…

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Huey Lewis in Vegas 

Listen to Rewind 100.7 for a chance to win a drive away to Huey Lewis and the News Saturday, August 1, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada! With 19 top hits, Huey Lewis and the News is one of the 80’s greatest bands. This is you can’t afford to miss. Listen to Rewind 100.7 at 8:10 AM 12:10PM and 5:10 PM…

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BYU’s Edu…Educa…Uh…Educa-SHUN

(Photo credit: Chad Mortenson) BYU’s Edu…Educa…Uh…Educa-SHUN. As a proud University of Utah graduate, I admit that I’m enjoying this a little too much. Chad Mortenson and friends were strolling through the preview party for the Day’s of ’47 Parade Monday, admiring the floats built for the state’s largest parade of the year. As a University of Utah grad, he took…

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Halloween in July!? Retail Holiday “Secrets”!

Photo Courtesy of: Shopping these last few weeks I have seen aisles stocked full of Halloween decorations, candy, and even some Christmas merchandise! This can’t be real, right? There are still 154 days until Christmas (Source, just in case you want to pin this tab and keep track…) and they are already preparing for the holiday madness! I decided…

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Capturing bright moments. Top view of three young happy people enjoying road trip in convertible and making selfie

5 Things You MUST Do Here In Utah Before Summer Ends

  (Photo credit: Spikewire) 5 Things You MUST Do Before Summer Ends. Yes, the dreaded “Back To School” ads are already sprouting like malevolent toadstools everywhere you look. The click is ticking, missy! If you haven’t checked off everything on your Summer Bucket List–or never even bothered to make one–here’s 5 things you MUST do here in Utah before summer…

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