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August 2015


Go Paperless and Win!

Questar Gas is giving away four $25 gift cards each day for the month of August! All you have to do is sign up for Paperless Billing, and here’s the easiest way: When you get your next gas bill in the mail, go to; Click on the green GO PAPERLESS BUTTON; Punch in your account number and email address…

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Coolest Video You’ll See This Year

THE Coolest Video You’ll See This Year

I guarantee this is THE coolest video you’ll see this year! Rabid Foo Fighter fans (say THAT three times fast!) from Cesena, Italy created a beautiful video from a flash mob of 1,000 singers and musicians from all over the country who traveled on their own dime to create a video of “Learn To Fly.” Seriously, watching all those drummers…

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The 23 Best (and Worst) 80s Movies Remakes

After hearing the announcement that Hollywood is remaking Ghostbusters, this time with an all female cast, it made me wonder about all the 80s movies remakes that I am thankful for and the ones that I wish the producers had decided just to burn their money, because that is basically what they did. So here is the list of the…

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Young man with tatoo is looking at camera.

The 10 Most Painful Places to Get a Tattoo!

Lately I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo. After I read this, not gonna lie, I’m a little chicken! There’s a tattoo artist in Cincinnati named Andy Eschenbach who works at a place called the Flying Tiger, and he just listed the body parts where clients complain about the most pain. Here are the 10 spots where it’s most painful…

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6 Up-and-Coming Utah Singers You Should Know About

Those of us from Utah know that there are a lot of talented people in this state drawing the attention of national talent competition TV shows such as The Voice, American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. Utah was even a stop of last year’s American Idol audition tour! So, with all this talent here are few names…

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Rewind’s Summer Pool Party Photo Contest  

Rewind 100.7 wants to see your summer pool party photos. Submit your photos using the entry form below. Picture Voting will end on September 4th. One lucky winner will receive a one-night stay at the Montego Bay Resort in Wendover, Nevada and two tickets to see Bill Maher on October 3rd. Three simple steps: Upload your photo Vote Win!

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LONDON, UK - JULY 06: Ghostbusters car Ecto 1 replica at the London Film and Comic Convention at the Earls Court Two Exhibition Centre. July 06, 2013 in London.

Bill Murray is in the New Ghostbusters Movie!

Bill Murray will appear in the new “Ghostbusters” movie.  We think.  There’s no official word from Bill or anyone actually involved in the movie, but the Hollywood Reporter says it’s happening, and they’re generally a reliable source. There’s no word what his role will be.  We already heard that Dan Aykroyd has a cameo, possibly as a cab driver There are also…

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Celebrity Scoop: Divorce and Marriage Edition

A lot of what I read about in celebrity news lately is all about divorce. It seems as though no one in Hollywood can stay married anymore! These are the top three divorcing couples in the news recently: Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert: The couple married only 4 short years announced their separation on July 20, 2015. News of the…

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run in water

Spend, Save Or Splurge: Everything Cool This Weekend Along The Wasatch Front

Spend, Save Or Splurge: Everything Cool This Weekend Along The Wasatch Front. This is an insanely busy weekend along the Wasatch Front – from outrageous “challenge” runs to county fairs. Make your plans! The weekend is looking for you.   (photo credit: NatalleMayor)  (cover photo credit: Travis) Looking for a complete list of Farmer’s Markets here in Utah? Click here….

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The Todd Is Trying To Murder Me: Trazadone & The Raccoon Of Death

“We Have a Trazadone Issue.” The Todd Is Trying To Murder Me: Trazadone & The Raccoon Of Death. The Todd likes to communicate by leaving notes on our oven hood.  Which is fine, but they’re usually so curt they make sense only to him.  I studied today’s with some concern.  An Issue?  A Trazadone Issue?  What does that mean?  Did…

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The Advocates Ultimate Utah Giveaway

Hey! I’m Matt Driggs over at The Advocates where we help accident victims get back on their feet. We know it’s not fun to have to call a lawyer, but if you’re hurt, we can help. And there’s no cost to you! Just think about it, and give us a call after an accident. Now thanks for entering to win…

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Join Us For The Select Health Bike Parade

Join us for the SelectHealth Bike Parade on Saturday August 29th. It’s an exciting bike tour through historic downtown Salt Lake City, open to all ages and all abilities. Approximate length is 2.9 miles. The bike tour starts at the Gallivan Center and ends with family friendly entertainment including bounce houses, food trucks, live music, and a soccer watch party…

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10 Fall Films Not to Miss

Now that summer is on its way out and the lackluster blockbusters are behind us (for the most part), we can look forward to the fall movie season. These are often films saved for those who will be judging them during awards season. Who could possibly remember a film from February, right? Most of us can’t recall what happened last…

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Win FREE Travel From Alaska Airlines

Think you know everything about RSL? Here are your chances to prove it. Correctly answer the trivia question below for your chance to win round trip air travel on Alaska Airlines. We’ll be asking trivia for the next few months so keep checking back for more chance to win. Trivia questions will be asked during the following dates: San Diego:…

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Soul Soaring! Duets With Your Favorite Stars

Soul Soaring! Duets With Your Favorite Stars. Have you seen the new Smule Sing! App? Well-known rock stars and such run a split screen duet that looks like they’re interacting with the other singer. The song “Flashlight” from “Pitch Perfect 2″ is especially successful because Jessie J is incredibly convincing as you watch the duet together – so convincing, in…

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Burger Bonanza!

Photo Courtesy of: Food is my favorite part of every day! Whether fast food, home cooking, or a sit down restaurant, I love it all! The best places of course are local cuisine! I have had a craving for a good burger lately and decided to make a list of some Utah favorites for anyone else looking for a good…

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farmers market outdoor

Spend, Save Or Splurge – Everything Cool This Weekend Along The Wasatch Front

(photo credit: Lynn Friedman)  (cover photo credit: NatalleMayor) Spend, Save Or Splurge – Everything Cool This Weekend Along The Wasatch Front. There’s some pressure here. My kids all start school next Monday. If this weekend isn’t a blowout of Awesome, there will be bitter recriminations for years to come. I can see Zachie now as valedictorian of his high school class,…

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This Video Will Make You Want to Jump Off a Cliff

This Video Will Make You Want to Jump Off a Cliff

Devin Supertramp, also knows as Devin Graham has been making some pretty amazing films for years. From giant rock arch swinging to innertube, 4-wheeler sling shots, he has put some pretty amazing imagery across the internet. It’s pretty amazing what you can do with a camera and a passport these days. For their lastest release, Team Supertramp headed to Italy…

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flashdance so wrong

Yes, You TOTALLY Wore This In 1983

Yes, You TOTALLY Wore This In 1983. Oh, don’t even look surprised. We all did. I love this article in “Mental Floss” about the “15 Fashions We Rocked In 1983.” Have a look… Cover photo credit: Noodles and Beef)   1. The Flashdance ripped-up sweatshirt that fell artfully over one shoulder. The minute Jennifer Beals sat down in that thing,…

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You! At The Sold Out Taylor Swift 1989 Concert! Here’s How…

(phot credit: Eve Rinaldi) You! At The Sold Out Taylor Swift 1989 Concert! Here’s How…  Really? You didn’t think we’d plan ahead? Of course we’ve been holding tickets for the sold out Taylor Swift concert at ESA on Friday, September 4th. How do you get them?   (photo credit: GabboT) (cover photo credit: GabboT) Listen at 9am, 2pm and 5pm (9-2-5,…

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Keyword Taylor KYMV Slider

Taylor Swift Keyword Winning 

Rewind 100.7 has the hottest ticket and town and we want to send you to see Taylor Swift on Friday, September 4th. Listen daily at 9a, 2p and 5p for your daily keywords. Write them down, etch them in glass or tattoo them to your wrist. Whatever you do, remember the words and listen the following weekday at 8a for Todd…

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Spend, Save Or Splurge – All The Weekend Awesome Along The Wasatch Front

(photo credit: Wooter van Erve) Spend, Save Or Splurge – All The Weekend Awesome Along The Wasatch Front. Don’t fool yourself. The kids are back in school, and that Summer Bucket List isn’t getting any shorter. Don’t let yourself say “well, I guess we’ll do it NEXT summer…” There’s a pile of weekend Awesome here, from freebies to something worth…

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Get Your Name on a Coke Can

Broadway Media and Coca-Cola have teamed up to get your name on a Coke can, for FREE! This is your last chance to get a Custom Coke Can so please be careful in the name you select. It can be your name or nickname but please follow these guidelines to ensure it doesn’t get disapproved: If using a nickname, make…

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