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November 2014

rewind 30 day challenge

Todd & Erin 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

So, I’m coming out of Day 8 of a pneumonia so rotten I first feared it was going to kill me–then I was really getting concerned that the Sweet Embrace of Death might actually pass me by.  The first day of November is a great time to return to lucidity–the humble month between the dark madness of October and the…

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Roasted Salty Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds & An Autumn Brittle That Will Rock Your World

Erin here–yes, yes.  I know.  Traditionally The Todd does all the cooking at Chez’ Collard.  To me, the kitchen is the “room with the big cold box.” But if it involves sweet, you know I’m suddenly Martha Stewart. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds & An Autumn Brittle That Will Rock Your World Look, you’re disemboweling that poor gourd anyway, at least put…

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Hysterical woman expression with her hands on the head

There’s A WHAT In My Ear?

There’s A WHAT In My Ear?     Yeah, this shouldn’t traumatize Katie Melua for like, LIFE or anything…  Katie’s a big pop star in Britain (think Katie Perry-ish) and she endured a “scritching kind of sound” in her ear for a week or so until she caved and went to an audiologist.  When they ran the scope into her…

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arriving at the  2011 MTV Video Music Awards

New Beyonce Album Drops This Month!

If you are a die hard Beyonce fan, you’ll be excited to know she has a new album dropping November 24th. B is releasing a deluxe edition that has the surprise album from 2013 and a bunch of new stuff. AMAZON CONFIRMS A NEW BEYONCÉ ALBUM IS DROPPING THIS MONTH — BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) November 3, 2014

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signing copies of his new book "My Life" at  Eso Won Bookstore, Los Angeles, CA 06-26-04

Bill Clinton Photobombs the saddest kid!

Did you see this?? Bill Clinton photobombed the saddest little girl after a campaign event in his home state of Arkansas. Bill Clinton cheerfully photobombed the saddest little girl in Arkansas. — Gawker (@Gawker) November 3, 2014

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Awesome Pizza in SLC?!

Ahh the power of radio, and word of mouth advertising! I’ve been hearing on the radio the past week about Pizza studio. Let me say this post is completely unsolicited. I am not being paid to endorse this product. I’ve heard some co-workers and friends talk about how good the pizza at Pizza Studio is, so I just went out…

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Win Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert Tickets

Start your Holidays with a bang! Win tickets to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “The Christmas Attic” at Energy Solutions Arena on November 19th 2014 – AND a package of fireworks to celebrate the Chinese New Year. TSO is known for explosions, flame, and the “louder” side of the Holiday season. Create a little noise around your neighborhood with a big fat…

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Top 5 Salt Lake Restaurants for Large Groups

People are always asking me where to take their family or large group for lunch or dinner. I did some research and came up with a list of the top 5 Salt Lake restaurants for large groups. All are good, and have many different options for families and large groups. Happy eating!! 1. Squatters – 47 W. Broadway downtown Salt…

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at the Opening Night Gala of Outfest, featuring "Party Monster" Orpheum Theater, Los Angeles, CA 07-10-03

What The Cast of Home Alone Looks Like Now!

Home Alone…a classic! Seems like its on TV about every month or so. What do the McCallisters look like now?? Well below is a pic of Buzz!! Follow the links, and see the whole cast. Its kind of disturbing! This is what Buzz from “Home Alone” looks like now — BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) November 5, 2014 Wth happened to macaulay…

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sad song story

Why Listening To Sad Music Makes Us Feel Better

Oh, like I’m the only one. Anyone else sat on the bed sobbing for 3 hours straight with a growing pile of tissues next to them and “What Goes Around” from Beyonce on continuous replay? Why Listening To Sad Music Makes Us Feel Better: What researchers are finding is that listening to sad music evokes feelings of tenderness, sympathy and…

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Benedict Cumberbatch Is Engaged – In The Most Charming, British Way Possible

Here’s the bad news: Benedict Cumberbatch is off the market. The good news?  He did it in the most charming, old-school, British way possible.  He very properly placed an announcement in the “The Times of London” announcing his engagement to Sophie Hunter, who’s a 36 year old, Oxford-educated theatre director.  She’s adorable.  Plus, now I have to love Benedict even…

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arriving at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards. Sony Pictures, Culver City, CA. 06-03-06

Steve-O From “Jackass” – Unhinged, But Really Sort Of Adorable

I almost hate interviewing celebrities I like. If they’re whiney little Entitled Princesses (don’t get me started on a certain Big Action Star we interviewed who couldn’t stop complaining about a “substandard inflight meal”) you just want to cut the interview short and spend the rest of the air time mocking at them. So, we braced ourselves when Steve-O (from MTV…

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at the 48th Annual GRAMMY Awards. Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA. 02-08-06

Yes, Garth Brooks Is Just As Awesome As You Think He Is

Shuddup, man…I ain’t crying!  It’s…uh…allergies.  Garth Brooks insisted on continuing to be made of Awesome this weekend at a concert in Minneapolis. Cute mom Teresa Shaw showed up for the concert with a little handmade sign that read “Chemo this morning–Garth tonight.  Enjoying the Dance!” (a reference to his moving balled “The Dance.)  When one of the jumbotron cameras caught…

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mel collard

Freebies For Veteran’s Day

The Todd’s father served in World War II on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific–only 17 years old and trying to save the lives of the crew after Pearl Harbor.  You think about what our families and friends did to serve nobly in the military, and usually at such an insanely young age.  Seventeen. I always get excited for Veteran’s…

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the void

“Saints And Soldiers: The Void” – Talking History With the Stars

So, imagine this.  You’re a tank commander in a US Army division.  You’re in one of the deadliest battle zones of World War II–facing the ferocious Nazi Panzer tanks.  But you can’t even eat at the same table as your fellow soldiers, because you’re African-American. The moral dilemma of these men and women who fought for our country while being…

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10 Things You Should Stop Doing Before 30!

We all want to be young and hip forever, but facing the reality of that not happening doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Here are 10 things to stop doing before you’re 30 that will kick start your fabulous new life after you’re 20’s are over! #10- Facebook: Don’t stalk your ex’s, keep from clicking on every link your…

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The Greatest Gift to Give This Season!

For the person or people in your life that love it spicy, this is the perfect gift for them this holiday season! This mini Sriracha bottle key chain is shipped to you empty to fill with your favorite Sriracha sauce and have with you anywhere! Check out the link below to get yours shipped to you today!

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Ok Go: The Evolution Of Music In The Social Media Age

Steve Jobs of Apple called Ok Go the “first band to use the Internet for art instead of commerce.”  It’s true: Ok Go is the evolution of music in the age of social media. When Tim and Damian told us that during our interview today, all four of us squealed like Fan-Boys.  I mean, Steve Jobs?  It’s true–the band is…

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Spandau Ballet 20 years later

Remember How Hot Spandau Ballet Was? They’re Back & They’re Still Hot

  I still remember my first slow dance with a cute boy in Junior High School–holding sweaty hands and rocking back and forth to “True” from Spandau Ballet. (Yes, Virginia, “True” was an actual hit before it turned into your Saturday night go-to Karaoke staple.)  So romantic!  And awkward, but most things are at that age. The guys in Spandau…

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Blow the Budget and Win Cash

It’s the end of the year and we all know the things about budgets is that if you don’t use them you don’t get them next year. So Rewind 100.7 wants you help us Blow The Budget. It’s as easy as listening in the morning at 8:10 and 10:10 and in the afternoon at 1:10 & 4:10 to win $100….

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Stream Rewind 100.7

The Rewind 100.7 Mobile App Rewind 100.7 is now available for your iPhone or Android device. The new Rewind 100.7 mobile app lets you: Watch videos Enter our contests Interact with the station though chat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more See our playlist Wake up to Todd & Erin with the built-in alarm clock Listen live App installation instructions:   Apple devices: Install the…

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Chris Hemsworth Is The “Sexiest Man Alive” Who’s Gonna Argue?

    (Photo credit: El Hormiguero) People Magazine has spoken. Chris Hemsworth Is The “Sexiest Man Alive”  Who’s Gonna Argue? The magazine announced Chris Hemsworth is this year’s “Sexiest Man Alive” last night. I for one, have no problem with this decision. What are they FEEDING these guys in Australia? And can we bottle it? The man is heart-stoppingly beautiful, and even better,…

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Remember When MTV Played Videos?

Okay, I was really young when MTV actually signed on the air, but I do remember a time when they actually played videos all day on MTV complete with “V Jays” that announced the songs…like us DJs still do on the radio! Outside of the occasional video clip, or the VMA awards show. I Honestly don’t even know if they…

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Top 10 workout songs from the 80’s!

Photo Courtesy of:   Need to boost your work out with a great playlist? Here is our version of the Top 10 workout songs of the 80’s! #10: The Go-Go’s- We Got The Beat #9: Michael Jackson- Beat It #8: Kenny Loggins- Footloose #7: Duran Duran- Hungry Like the Wolf #6: Katrina and the Waves- Walking on Sunshine #5: Madonna-…

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 – The Review

Luke Hickman from The Reel Place here, with the review on The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. It was puzzling when Harry Potter producers split the book series’ climactic final novel into two parts for the cinematic adaptation, turning the seven-book series into an eight-film franchise – but it was absolutely necessary given the sheer amount of content that needed to…

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weekend fun 11.21

Free–Or Cheap–Weekend Family Holiday Fun Along The Wasatch Front

Free–Or Cheap–Weekend Family Holiday Fun Along The Wasatch Front – This is that last wobbly sort of weekend where we’re almost into the Holiday madness, and yet…  If you’re ready to plunge, there’s plenty to do.  If you’re more in the “Bah, Humbug!” stage, stay in denial as long as you like with non-holiday goodness.  We’re here for you, honey….

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1984 sign, in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.

50 Songs From 1984 That Will Take You Way Back

1984. You probably remember seeing Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Karate Kid, or The Terminator in the movie theater – and it only cost you $2.50 for the ticket. It was the first time you ever saw the MTV Music Video Awards (they debuted in 1984). You regularly watched The A-Team, Hill Street Blues, Knight…

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Help the needy by donating to the Road Home

Rewind 100.7 invites you to help the homeless this holiday season. The Road Home provides emergency shelter and services to hundreds of men, women and families. Drop off needed items like pillows, blankets, towels, hats and gloves at any Rocky Mtn. Chevrolet Dealership. And join Rewind 100.7 on December 18th and 19th for the 20th annual Road Home Radiothon. Rewind 100.7 will…

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I-15 Speed Limit to Increase to 70 MPH Along Wasatch Front

Last week UDOT said they are planning on raising the speed limit on I-15 and I-80 to 70 miles per hour. This would affect the Wasatch Front from Spanish Fork to Ogden and 5600 W to Parley’s Canyon. The question comes into play, does raising the speed limit 5 mph really matter? Most people are already traveling more than 65…

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evil turkey

The 5 Apps You Need To Survive Your Family This Thanksgiving

  (photo credit: Lela Scofield) Oh, sure.  You love them.  We all love our family.  (Editor’s note: except for that weird guy who kept showing up every Thanksgiving and insisting we call him “Uncle Mort.”  I’ve known since I was 5 there is no brother named “Mort” on either side of the family.  Plus, he had a habit of popping…

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zoe on thanksgiving

What To Do With A Bored Kid: Thanksgiving Edition

Maybe you have the kind of children who behave with taste and distinction.  Perhaps your offspring dress up for Thanksgiving, graciously greet your guests and help them feel at home.  Our extended family is…um…not any of those things.  Silence is deadly: it means someone’s being tied up and thrown out a second story window.  Here’s 5 suggestions that work for…

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Real Monarchs – Choose the Mascot

Real Monarchs joins USL PRO in March 2015 as the development club of Real Salt Lake. They will begin play at Rio Tinto Stadium. For the inaugural season we want the fans’ help in choosing our mascot! We will have two contests to choose the look and name of the mascot. Winners will be chosen to win season tickets to…

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