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December 2014


Free Shave

Stop by Broadway Media (50 W Broadway, SLC) for a free shave courtesy of The Barber School. After a long month of growing out your mustache or beard, your face deserves a nice shave from the guys who do it best. Stop by Broadway Media on the second floor between 10am and 5pm on December 1, 2014 for your FREE…

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shop local

Shop Local: 10 Unique Gifts Along The Wasatch Front

Look, I’m the first person to type in “” when I’m shopping for the Holidays, but if you’re sick of the usual fruit basket or anonymous gift card, there’s some amazing options here along the Wasatch Front.  Let’s Shop Local this year, shall we?  (Editor’s note: As far as I know, none of these local business are currently advertising with…

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stuff i do not get

Stuff I DO NOT GET About The Holidays

Last year on Christmas Eve morning, The Todd and I shared in something utterly amazing. (Photo Credit: Muriel Heard-Collier) Late the night before, I’d been on the phone with a frantic coordinator from one of the local community refugee services.  Four families from the Sudan just arrived in Salt Lake City pretty much with only the clothes on their backs, family…

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cute kitty

Cute Kitty Picture Overload

Shuddup, man!  I ain’t crying…sniff…I just got something in my eye. Everyone worries how the pets will react when you bring the new baby home.  Will they like the tiny interloper?  Will they stare malevolently, hoping that loud pink thing will just GO AWAY? In the case of little Erin, the family’s twin Burmese kittens instantly adopted her as part…

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captain hook

Who’s Watching “Peter Pan Live” JUST For Christopher Walken?

Admit it.  Who’s watching “Peter Pan Live“ on NBC tonight just for Christopher Walken as Captain Hook?  His singing is truly dreadful, and he freely admits it. But his swagger – surely Walken was made for the evil, yet swashbuckling Hook. My only question: what about the cowbell?  Is there cowbell?  There’s already a million “Peter Pan Live” drinking games, but what…

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Large Tree Wide Shot_6205

Free-Or Cheap-Holiday Weekend Family Fun Along The Wasatch Front

Explaining to your offspring that you can’t drop another $100.00 for some Wholesome Holiday Family Event doesn’t go over very well.  This is the time of the year for doing Fun Holiday Things, but that gift list isn’t getting any smaller, even though your bank balance is.  Cast an eye below to find cheap or free awesome holiday ideas to do this weekend.  We’re…

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Ice Sculpture Bruges 2013 - 07

New “Frozen Fun” Coming to Disneyland!

It’s time to grab the family and head to Disneyland! Disney has just announced that they’re creating a new land at California Adventure that is based on their hit film “Frozen”. Don’t tell my son Liam; he’d be starting the car right now. This is what Disney has to say: This winter, Disneyland Resort celebrates the opening of spectacular new…

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temple square

An Exhaustive List Of Every Christmas Light Show Along The Wasatch Front

(Cover photo credit: Brett Nellson) I must hate myself.  Really.  I do this to myself EVERY YEAR, but to my Littles, the light cruises are an indispensable part of the Holidays.  We circle city blocks for hours, marveling at the lights and amazing creations that people with more time, money and (clearly) intelligence can put together.  Since the only thing…

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Terminator: Genisys Is Coming, It’s Going To Mess With Your Head

Hey, remember when they re-booted “Star Trek” and we all groaned, thinking “what else can you do with these guys?”  Then JJ Abrams just sort of…re-wrote time?  It was on. Terminator: Genisys is coming, and it’s going to mess with your head.  Emila Clarke plays a much tougher Sara Connor in the past.  (If you’re thinking of her in her Daenerys’…

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weekend fun

Free-Or Cheap-Weekend Holiday Family Fun Along The Wasatch Front

(Photo credit: Gary Simmons) I’ve got bandaids on every finger from paper cuts, trying to wrap the presents while throwing a leg over our youngest–Zoe–who’s frantically trying to tear into the box and see WHAT IT IS!!!  Maybe this is a good time to take the offspring out of the house and…like…DO something.  But what?  Why, look!  Free–Or Cheap–Weekend Holiday…

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How to Care for Your Christmas Tree!

Photo Courtesy of: Susan Murtaugh This holiday season, make sure that your Christmas tree is as spectacular as it can be! Here are some tips on how to care for your tree to keep it merry and bright! Fresh Cut: If your tree hasn’t been cut in more than 12 hours give it a fresh slice off the bottom. This allows…

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Star Wars Teaser Trailer is HERE!!!

Photo Courtesy of: Justin M Geeking out so hard in the studio today watching the Star Wars Episode VII teaser trailer for the first time! What an awesome trailer! It’s just enough to keep you wanting more, but doesn’t give away anything good. However, I’m not sure how I feel about the new lightsaber. Let us know what you think!

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mad max

“Mad Max: Fury Road” – The Perfect Storm of Awesome

(Cover photo courtesy of: Rene Kisselbach) Finally!  A blockbuster summer film that has something for everyone.  Mad Max: Fury Road has car crashes, explosions, triple tornadoes and more gimps than “American Horror Story: Freak Show.” (Photo courtesy of: Charles Roffey) For the men, there’s Charlize Theron.  Don’t worry if you drool a little, your girlfriend will never notice, because Max…

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Jumpstart Your New Year with Planet Fitness

To help you Jumpstart your New Year we are giving away a FREE 2015 Black Card membership! Just enter below for your chance to win. Already a member? Enter to win and gift it to a friend or family member! Make yourself comfy. We’re a Judgement Free Zone. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been to a gym member before, if you’re a…

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gift wrap like a boss

How To Gift Wrap Like A Boss

  (photo credit: Alexio’s pics) (Cover photo credit: Pete) The Todd is delightfully skilled in many arenas, but gift-wrapping is not one of them.  After I found him hopelessly entangled in scotch tape and his shirt stapled to a jewelry box, I suggested he discover the wonderful world of gift bags.  Or garbage sacks. I’m not picky. But for the…

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Name the Mascot – Real Monarchs

Real Monarchs joins USL PRO in March 2015 as the development club of Real Salt Lake. They will begin play at Rio Tinto Stadium. For the inaugural season we want the fans’ help in naming our mascot! Winners will be chosen to win season tickets to the 2015 inaugural season. Name the Mascot: Enter suggestions for the name of the…

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quiet santa 2

Quiet Santa: Your Gift For Kids With Sensory Processing Disorders

My dear parents of kids with Sensory Processing Disorders: Quiet Santa is back!! Please share this info with other parents who could use this. One out of five kids here in Utah have sensory issues–autism, ADHD, and so many more. These families never end up getting a picture with Santa because the kiddos just can’t take all the stimulation at…

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Merry and Bright Holiday Lights and Activities at Temple Square!

Photo Courtesy of: Celebrate a holly jolly holiday this year by checking out the merry and bright lights, concerts, and activities offered at the Downtown Salt Lake City’s Temple Square! Plenty of stories to be told, beautiful music to be heard, and of course, the glorious glow of Christmas lights everywhere you look! Most all of the events are free…

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5 Creative Ways to Recycle Wrapping Paper!

Photo Courtesy of: Go green and get creative this holiday season with all your leftover wrapping paper, or the pieces that survived the unwrapping madness! Here are 5 fun and creative ways to recycle your wrapping paper! #1- Jewelry: From necklaces to earrings, there are plenty of funky bead making tips to create the ultimate jewelry set!  Photo Courtesy…

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