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February 2015


Massage Envy Spa Valentine Giveaway

Enter-to-win an annual Membership from Massage Envy Spa. With an annual membership to Massage Envy Spa you get: A customized massage every month, or a Murad® Healthy Skin facial for $10 more Additional massages and facials at low membership rate Unused massages rollover Earn free massages and upgrades Family add-on specials Retail discounts and more This Valentine’s Day give the…

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Cupid is Stupid

End the tyranny of the “Hearts And Flowers” crowd and celebrate Valentine’s Day the way it should be–by mocking it! Win 4 tickets to Todd & Erin’s “Cupid Is Stupid” Bash on Thursday, February 12th from 6-9pm at Club 50 West. There will be free massages, psychic readings, snacks, prizes, and DJ Jarvicious leading everyone in a round of “I…

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Choose the Mascot’s Name – Real Monarchs

Real Monarchs joins USL PRO in March 2015 as the development club of Real Salt Lake. They will begin play at Rio Tinto Stadium. For the inaugural season we want the fans’ help in naming our mascot! Winners will be chosen to win season tickets to the 2015 inaugural season. Name the Mascot: Vote on your favorite Mascot name for…

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dry creek

Dry Creek Steakhouse – The Steak Of Your Dreams

  The Todd and I have 3 kids–an extremely loud toddler and twin boys with good manners that are still…you know…teenagers. So, we don’t go out to eat that often. But when we’re trying out someplace new, they have to pass the Acid Test: our children. When we popped into Dry Creek Steakhouse in Sandy, they welcomed us and our…

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Win Tickets to Barenaked Ladies in Wendover

Grab your honey and get bare naked in Wendover this Valentine’s Day with Rewind 100.7 and Barenaked Ladies. Get intimate with Barenaked Ladies at The Peppermill Concert Hall on Valentine’s Weekend. Listen to Rewind every weekday at 11a, 1p and 4p to call in and qualify by winning a season of “The Big Band Theory.” Listen and win…only on Rewind…

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Valentine’s Day Without The Bill

Want to surprise your honey this Valentine’s, but working on a tight budget? Don’t worry about it. Rewind’s got you covered. Wake up and win with Todd and Erin. They’ll have your chance every weekday at 7a.  Call in and win a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and delicious cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Rewind 100.7 will personally hand deliver the winnings…

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Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 12.38.39 PM

POLL: Who Does ‘Fresh Prince’ Better?

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was an amazing show starring Will Smith that ran 1990-96. Its opening theme song has been engrained in most of our memories. Earlier this week Jimmy Fallon replicated the song when he took The Tonight Show on tour back to LA. So, we want your opinion, whose is better? Vote here and leave us a…

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AmeriTech Medical Assisting Tuition Assistance Contest

AmeriTech College is excited to announce its Medical Assisting Tuition Assistance Contest! Enter today for an opportunity to receive one of five, $2,000 Tuition Assistant Awards. That’s over 15% off your total tuition for one of Utah’s most affordable programs! Medical Assistants are in high demand, and AmeriTech is home to one of Utah’s longest running medical assisting programs. Becoming…

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50 shades of grey teddy bear description twitter

REALLY? Meet The “50 Shades Of Grey” Teddy Bear

  REALLY? Meet The “50 Shades Of Grey” Teddy Bear I swear I can hear the clip-clopping of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.   Vermont Teddy Bears are known for their relentless cuteness and excessive accessories. Like the “Sweety-Footie” Bear…     Or, you can pick up the “I Luv Bacon” Bear for your pork-loving spouse…     Oh,…

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The Power Glove Still Stinks!

The Power Glove Still Stinks!

Our parents bought us a Power Glove about a week after it came out. One week later it was collecting dust at the bottom of the toy box. It was so unusable and unmanageable there should have been a class-action lawsuit. Thinking back, we have to ask ourselves, were we just dumb kids who couldn’t figure it out? Turns out…

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Get Your Tickets For “50 Shades Of Grey” At Sexy Blue Boutique!

Talking about killing two birds with one stone…  Pick up your tickets to the exclusive screening of “50 Shades Of Grey” from sexy Blue Boutique today or Friday, while supplies last. Was there EVER a match more made for each other than Christian Grey and Blue Boutique? Find your closest Blue Boutique location here and grab your “50 Shades Of…

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See Rascal Flatts in Vegas!

Rewind 100.7 is setting you up and sending you off to Vegas. You can win an overnight stay and a one-hundred dollar gas card and of course tickets to catch Rascal Flatts sponsored by Jersey Tan. Listen for your cue to call every weekday at 9a 2p and 5p. A random caller will instantly win a tanning pass from Jersey…

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50 shades of hey collage

The 50 Shades Of “Hey! What IS This?”

  The 50 Shades Of “Hey! What IS This?” Remember last week when I was freaking out about the “50 Shades Of Grey” teddy bear, complete with handcuffs in his furry little paw? Yeah, that was nothing. The Todd and I hopped on last week and ordered up all the weirdest product tie-ins (tie-ins, get it? HAH) we could…

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mockingjay makeup 2

Did You See This? New Scenes Released From “Hunger Games: Mockingjay”

FanGirl Squee! Did You See This? New Scenes Released From “Hunger Games: Mockingjay” There’s a deleted scene from “Mockingjay Part 1″ that Lionsgate just released via some tricky code that rabid Hunger Games fans had unlocked in…like…32 seconds yesterday. In it the cruel President Snow explains to Peeta why he must be the Capitol’s “voice of reason.” I’m sad they…

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Top 15 Things Kids Want to do When They Grow Up!

Photo Courtesy of:   This list was such a blast from the past! I changed my mind a million times, but this list almost covers them all! Read on and see how many of them were yours as a kid! #1- Astronaut: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” -Neil Armstrong Photo Courtesy of: #2-…

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Avanti Office Space Giveaway

Are you an entrepreneur looking to take the next step with your business? Do you want to cut costs yet boost your business by having an office perfect for you? Avanti is giving away an interior office for one year! This is the perfect opportunity for you to move out of your home work space to a business location that…

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Utah’s Most Loved Burritos: The People Have Spoken

Burritos are the ultimate and perfect food. If we look at this idea from a certain perspective, all platter-type food is simply a rearrangement of meat, cheese, bread and some sort of veg. The real separation comes from the use of spices, sauces, ease to eat and presentation. The Burrito has so many options when it comes this criteria. Pizza can only…

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mule deer 2

Meet The Most Expensive Mule Deer In History

(cover photo credit: Len Blumin) Meet Steve, the most expensive mule deer in history. (photo credit: James Marvin Phelps) Well, Steve is our representative deer because we don’t know which unlucky buck won’t be able to outrun the high-powered scope rifle of Dennis Austad, the Idaho hunter who just bid a galactic $305,000 for a kill tag on a mule…

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Disney on Ice is Coming…

Rewind 100.7 has tickets to Disney On Ice Live! No other station is setting you up and it’s easy to win. Just fill out the entry form below. That’s it! We want to send you and your family to see the Disney On Ice “Let’s Celebrate” at Energy Solutions Arena March 4th – 8th. You can also purchase tickets here.

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Do You Have the Cutest Kid?

Rewind 100.7 wants you to submit your kid for the cutest kid photo contest. You must have your photo submitted by Sunday, March 15. Voting will go from Monday, March 17th until March 27th. The kid with the most votes will win a shopping spree thanks to Valley Fair!! Enter here.

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Rewind 100.7’s Pot o’ Gold

Rewind 100.7 wants you to find your pot of gold at Valley Fair. We are qualifying listeners 3 times per day at 8:50a and 11:50a and 4:50p. All qualifiers will be invited to come down on March 14th for a chance to win cold hard cash, and all qualifiers will walk away with a prize thanks to Valley Fair Mall. Official…

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the dress 5

Are You Team “Blue & Black” Or “White & Gold?”

It’s literally making me insane. All yesterday our entire station fought over The Dress. Haven’t seen it yet? This dress by Roman Originals was posted on Twitter yesterday, asking “Is this thing gold and white or blue and black? It’s driving us nuts!” So now that you’ve seen it, that is the question: are you team “Blue & Black” or…

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rest in peace, mr spock

Rest In Peace, Mr. Spock

So, I was crazy about Star Trek from the minute my Mom deemed me old enough to watch the reruns of the show with my older brothers. Even though it was a bit before my time (I grew up with Star Trek: the Next Generation) the original was always the best. Say what you will about Captain Kirk and how…

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