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March 2015


Concert Info about “Besties” Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran!

Photo Courtesy of:¬† So if you haven’t heard, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are best friends! They are always talking about each other, hanging out, and in 2013 they recorded “Everything Has Changed” for Taylor’s album Red. Love the music video! If you haven’t seen it, scroll down for the link! Alright, now to concert info! Ed will be playing…

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Chicken broccoli

Will Dylan be the BIGGEST loser in 2015?

It started almost 3 weeks ago. Me, and a few other DJs on our sister stations here at Broadway Media are having a biggest loser contest, thanks to Planet Fitness. Which DJ can lose the most fat? We all weighed in a couple weeks ago. My body fat came back at 25.8. Which isn’t terrible for my height or age….

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seizure while skydiving 2

You: Free-Falling From 9,000 Feet. While Having A Seizure

So, you decide you’d like to skydive. You work your way up to the big Free-fall: jumping out of the plane at a galactic 9,000 feet and surge into the drop, flying at 120 miles per hour. And before you have a chance to deploy your chute, you go into a violent seizure.   Can there be ANY WORSE SCENARIO…

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