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July 2015

Tired sad old woman on nature background

Save Nana!

Save Nana! There’s no population more at risk in this heat wave than the elderly. The elderly tend to be on a fixed income, with no extra money for air conditioning or swamp coolers. Plus, these folks are more likely to be bedridden or to stay at home. Imagine enduring these 100+ temperatures with a fragile body like your sweet…

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ghost town scary

5 Utah Ghost Towns You Simply Must Explore

(Photo credit: Bill Gracey) (Cover photo credit: Allan) 5 Utah Ghost Towns You Simply Must Explore. There’s no better time than summer to fill the gas tank and head out on an impromptu road trip, armed with nothing but a case of diet Pepsi and a box of Capt. Crunch. But where to go? With all this hot weather, it’s time…

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Why I Sat In My Car On A 103 Degree Day

Why I Sat In My Car On A 103 Degree Day. Like every other parent in North America, I’ve been haunted by the story of little Cooper Harris, who died in his car seat when his father left him there in the Georgia heat last summer.  Since then, his father Ross Harris has been charged with murder.  This story is unspeakably…

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