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Utah Voted For Its Best Live Music Venues

Some of us like a small, intimate venue. Other’s prefer a dive bar. Still, other’s love a full-blown, massively produced arena show. All have their pros and cons. We polled nearly 3,000 people (2,934 to be exact) and asked them to tell us which Utah live music venue they preferred. Here are the results: 1. USANA Amphitheatre (828) Haven’t felt…

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ghost town scary

5 Utah Ghost Towns You Simply Must Explore

(Photo credit: Bill Gracey) (Cover photo credit: Allan) 5 Utah Ghost Towns You Simply Must Explore. There’s no better time than Memorial Day Weekend to fill the gas tank and head out on an impromptu road trip, armed with nothing but a case of diet Pepsi and a box of Capt. Crunch. But where to go? If you’ve got the…

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mom and daughter holding hands walking in the middle of the forest in summer

Toddlers, Quality Time And The First Snail Of Spring

Toddlers, Quality Time And The First Snail Of Spring. So, our four year old Zoe benefited from being born nearly 11 years after her twin brothers. We were so exhausted by then that my rigid parenting standards of reading an hour every day and sports lessons and French lessons and playing the violin were ruthlessly worn down to: “don’t set…

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Win Bee’s Tix!

Win a 4 pack of tickets all this week to The Salt Lake Bees game as they go head to head against the Colorado Springs. Just tune in every morning with Todd and Erin for your chance to win. Thanks. Official rules.

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Rewind’s Ultimate Dinosaur Experience!

Do you want to run in the fields with Raptors? How about soar high with some Pterodactyls? Well, you can! Catch these dinosaurs and many more when they are on the big screen by winning some advance screening passes to see “Jurassic World” in the mornings with Todd and Erin. If that’s not enough dinosaur excitement for you, you will…

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It’s Time! Win Your Tickets To Erin’s Night Out 2015!

It’s Time! Win Your Tickets To The 15th Annual Erin’s Night Out! It’s like Christmas, Valentine’s and…uh…Arbor Day all rolled into one! Erin’s Night Out–the 2015 version–takes place Friday June 12th at the University Park Marriott in Salt Lake City. Never been? Here’s what to expect: Free massages, pedicures, manicures, body work, hair styling, brow waxing, psychic readings and more….

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Rewind’s 80s at 8

Rewind 100.7 jumpstarts the Delorian every weeknight for the 80s at 8. It’s a full hour of your favorite 80s tracks including some your may have forgotten. Get into the groove…in your little red Corvette…whipt it…into the 80s at 8 weeknights only on Rewind 100.7.  

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Want To Try Waist-Training Like All The Hollywood Girls?

(Photo credit: AJ Gazman) Want To Try Waist-Training Like All The Hollywood Girls? So, I have a girlfriend who’s waist-training and wears that sucker all the time. Seriously. At work, playing softball, even sleeping. I’m dying to get a look at this woman’s waist after all that work! If you’ve been curious too, why not join me on Saturday? (Photo…

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date producer wes

Date Producer Wes! 10 Dates In 10 Days

  Date Producer Wes! 10 Dates In 10 Days. ┬áSo, Producer Wes, our devastatingly handsome producer is single. Ladies, you KNOW I can’t allow this to continue. I don’t know how it works in your circle of girlfriends, but in mine we do NOT allow nice, good-looking and intelligent boys to remain single. I’m sorry, this is not acceptable to…

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