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The 23 Best (and Worst) 80s Movies Remakes

After hearing the announcement that Hollywood is remaking Ghostbusters, this time with an all female cast, it made me wonder about all the 80s movies remakes that I am thankful for and the ones that I wish the producers had decided just to burn their money, because that is basically what they did. So here is the list of the…

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Coolest Video You’ll See This Year

THE Coolest Video You’ll See This Year

I guarantee this is THE coolest video you’ll see this year! Rabid Foo Fighter fans (say THAT three times fast!) from Cesena, Italy created a beautiful video from a flash mob of 1,000 singers and musicians from all over the country who traveled on their own dime to create a video of “Learn To Fly.” Seriously, watching all those drummers…

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Go Paperless and Win!

Questar Gas is giving away four $25 gift cards each day for the month of August! All you have to do is sign up for Paperless Billing, and here’s the easiest way: When you get your next gas bill in the mail, go to; Click on the green GO PAPERLESS BUTTON; Punch in your account number and email address…

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Olivia Newton Slider

Olivia Newton John in Vegas!

You’re the one that we want…to hit the Las Vegas strip with! Rewind 100.7 is sending you and a friend to Las Vegas to get physical with Olivia Newton-John. Listen for the Rewind keyword every weekday at 9a, 2p and 5p. When you hear it hop back on to this web page enter the correct keyword and you’re entered to win!…

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Summer Isn’t Over Yet! 3 Things To End Your Summer with a BANG!

Photo Courtesy of:   After July festivities come to a close, I always feel as if Summertime is over too quickly! However, we live in (or near) to a great city full of fun things to do! There are still lots of upcoming fun for everyone to close out their summer in style! Check out these 3 things to do to…

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Capturing bright moments. Top view of three young happy people enjoying road trip in convertible and making selfie

5 Things You MUST Do In Utah Before Summer Ends

  (Photo credit: Spikewire) 5 Things You MUST Do Before Summer Ends. Yes, the dreaded “Back To School” ads are already sprouting like malevolent toadstools everywhere you look. The clock is ticking, missy! If you haven’t checked off everything on your Summer Bucket List–or never even bothered to make one–here’s 5 things you MUST do here in Utah before summer…

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